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Understanding the New CIPC Regulations

1. IntroductionThe Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has recently announced significant changes regarding the filing of annual returns and

Worker Falls Victim to Deepfake Scam which costed the Company R476 million: A Cautionary Tale

In a shocking incident, a Chinese financial employee working for a multinational corporation found themselves unwittingly entangled in a deepfake

Absa’s Strategic Move: Establishing a Presence in China

In a significant strategic move, Absa has announced its foray into the Chinese market by building a physical presence in

The Persistent Debate: Work-from-Home Dynamics in South Africa

IntroductionAs the global workforce navigates the ongoing debate over remote work, South Africa finds itself at the center of this

Elon Musk’s Noteworthy Commentary from Tesla’s Earnings Call

Tesla's (TSLA) fourth-quarter earnings report, although falling short of analyst predictions, brought CEO Elon Musk into the limelight during the

Woolworths CEO Denies ‘Wokeness’ in Aisle Three: Exposing the Australia Day Merchandise Controversy

In a recent controversy, Woolworths CEO, Bradford Banducci, vehemently denies allegations of promoting "wokeness" by choosing not to stock Australia

Navigating Sustainability: Flying Tiger Copenhagen Chooses Maersk’s ECO Delivery for Greener Ocean Freight

In a bold move towards sustainable logistics, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, a prominent retail chain, partners with Maersk to revolutionize its

The Evergreen Marvel: Decoding 50 Years of Rubrik’s Cube

Unveiling the Origin: Erno Rubik's Ingenious CreationIn the world of mind-bending puzzles, the Rubik's Cube stands as an enduring symbol