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Severe load shedding may persist until mid-week in South Africa

Load shedding has become a familiar term for South Africans, symbolizing a recurring struggle with electricity supply. As Eskom grapples

Load Shedding Pushed to Stage 6 Indefinitely

1. IntroductionEskom's recent announcement regarding load shedding escalation to stage 6 has sent shockwaves across the nation.2. What Led to

Woman Working as Political Party Agent Stabbed During Voter Registration Weekend

The political landscape can be contentious, and recent events in Leslie, Mpumalanga, underscore the intensity of political rivalries. In a

Bad to Worse: Understanding the Soaring Petrol Prices in South Africa

IntroductionFueling up your vehicle has become a cause for concern in South Africa as petrol and diesel prices are set

South Africa’s Economic Crossroads: Navigating Away from Zimbabwe’s Shadow

Introduction: Economic Insights by Andre de RuyterIn a recent column for Rapport, former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, now a

Border Management Authority Cracks Down on Bus Operators Transporting Illegal Immigrants, Threatens Permit Revocation

In a decisive move, the Border Management Authority (BMA) warns bus operators transporting illegal immigrants to face permit revocation. Expressing

South African Chicken Feet Conquer Chinese Markets, Creating Jobs and Global Opportunities

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Police Tie Four Accused to Kelly Khumalo

In a shocking revelation at the Pretoria High Court, the lead investigator, Brig Bongani Gininda, has disclosed crucial evidence linking